Tim Tebow makes sense for New York Jets

April 10, 2012 at 8:58 am Leave a comment

New York, of all cities, surprised many and traded for Tim Tebow.  After digesting the move, I like what the Jets did on several levels.  Some did not see any value in trading for Tebow as a quarterback with a first round contract, but at the least jersey sales could justify part of the risk.  Despite all the negativity I see positive aspects of this deal.

For the Jets … I thought they should take a look at Weeden in the second, but Tebow might be the better option.  For one, he will cost less in terms of draft selections.  Second, Tebow could contribute more to the Jets than Weeden with his team in terms of production (even as a backup).  Also, as many have speculated they wanted to counter the Giants headlines from their Super Bowl victory with a splash of their own.  Lastly, perhaps Tim can improve the lockeroom which reportedly has been troubled in the past.  Every team needs at least one leader.

For Sanchez … It has been apparent that Mark Sanchez doesn’t play with fire.  He plays with an inexplicable confidence which has been both beneficiary and not so much.  Competition breeds winners and he will be pushed by Tebow….to improve, become more of a leader, etc.  We’ll get to see if Mark Sanchez stands up and improves to become an accurate manager or if he wilts under the pressure of Tebow nation.

For Tebow ... Many have said Tebow choose NY for the amount of fans and attention he would get and thereby would receive his message…that’s one angle.  But, what I like about this move for Tebow is he can ease in early this year with packages and earn respect of the team.  We all know, Tebow is not satisfied with the current state of his game and if you can read or hear you know many others are not as well.  But as has been my position with his all along, if you give him the time…he will work and improve.

Who knows who will start in Week 9 next year, or even this year, but I do know that this move makes a lot more sense than it first appeared.  Jets fans should embrace Tebow because they should end up with a better starting quarterback, whoever that may be.

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