Fantasy and Reality: 32 Things from Week 5 in the NFL

October 14, 2011 at 12:41 pm Leave a comment

Here’s the weekly F & R column.  Will have a matchups post up tomorrow, picks on Sunday, and hopefully Last Minute Pickups and Sleepers posted tonight.

Eagles at Buffalo

  • Reality: Fred Jackson has waited a long time to get this opportunity and is doing everything possible to keep it.  A few years ago he played for Sioux City in the Indoor league.  At the age of 30 he has done everything possible to convince the world it is his time, mission accomplished.
  • Fantasy: Eagles will keep putting up yards, not matter their record.  Unfortunately, their defense has been exposed (cannot stop the run for 4 quarters and have difficulty stopping RBs and TEs in the passing game).

Fred Jackson #22 of the Buffalo Bills scores a touchdown in the first half as Nate Allen #29 of the Phillidelphia Eagles attempts to tackle him at Ralph Wilson Stadium on October 9, 2011 in Orchard Park, New York. (Photo by Brody Wheeler/Getty Images)

Titans at Steelers

  • Fantasy: The Steelers came out with a new passing game with 2/3 TEs in the game in order to protect Big Ben and him a chance to distribute the ball, which lead to 5 TDs.
  • Reality:  The Titans weren’t ready to take the next step, but this beating should serve as a good learning experience.  If I were them, I’d consider trading for Lloyd.

Bears at Lions

  • Reality: Martz refused to assist the OL in their blocking assignments and Cutler had to have one of his best game, just to keep them in it.  Stubborness doesn’t work in the NFL, but Matt Forte does work…
  • Fantasy: Stafford continues to struggle in the first half and their running game does as well, sans a few big runs.

Raiders at Texans

  • Reality: The Raiders pressured Schaub all day and came away with a big victory, not only because of the passing of legendary Al Davis but to get a road win over an AFC foe should help in making the playoffs.
  • Fantasy: Jacoby Jones completely failed, catching the first pass thrown to him and missing the next 10 targets.

Packers at Falcons

  • Reality: Rodgers and this offense looks nearly unstoppable. The Falcons needs to get back to the running game and with the injury to Julio Jones now might be the right time.
  • Fantasy: James Jones stepped up last week and could do the same this week in a nice matchup.  Starks continues to have a snap advantage over Grant.

Seahawks at Giants

  • Reality: The Giants are having a lot of trouble establishing their running game (blocking up front an issue) as well as stopping the run defensively.
  • Fantasy: Doug Baldwin had a huge game against a thin Giants secondary and has been a pleasant surprise since the preseason.  BMW was inactive, but with teams concentrating on Rice the opportunities should be there in the right matchup.

Chiefs at Colts

  • Reality: After looking dead the first couple weeks, the Chiefs have won back-to-back games and all their losses are to good teams.  Can only imagine what Bowe would do with top QB.
  • Fantasy:  Painter keeps progressing and that arm can throw bullets.

Buccaneers at 49ers

  • Reality: The 49ers have a healthy league in the West and they’ve done it with solid defense and a conservative offense.  Alex Smith is this year’s Sanchez, where they hide him the best they can…
  • Fantasy: Josh Freeman has been disappointing, not only because he was failed to produce, but because

Chargers at Broncos

  • Reality:  Chargers have started 4-1, but really don’t look that sharp…even when you discount the absence of Antonio Gates.
  • Fantasy: It’s Tebow Time! Hope you added him 2 weeks ago when I recommended you stash him.

Broncos far from leaders in total yardage

Jets at Patriots

  • Reality: Jets are getting better production from Greene, but still not enough.  Meanwhile rookie Kurley passed Mason and is the new slot WR as well as being the returner.
  • Fantasy: OchoCinco tweeted that he always starts slow and not to cut him…not getting the snaps to be a FFB factor.

Cardinals at Vikings

  • Reality: Kolb is who we thought he was.  He needs a running game to be effective and the offensive line sure isn’t helping him.
  • Fantasy: Only Vikings to own is A.D.


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