Madden 12 Review

August 16, 2011 at 12:22 pm Leave a comment

Exactly what a demo should be….gave you a taste of a good product and now you want it all.  EA released the Madden 12 demo for XBox 360 and PS3 on Tuesday and I’m a big fan. Primarily because they allow you to customize the controls order to play the game the way you like,something I didn’t expect. Last year was the first time since it began that I did not buy the game, because the strategy pad and gameplay were unacceptable.  EA promised that they would deliver this year and they have for both hardcore and casual gamers.  With how much I’m anticipating the August 30th release, I feel like I’m 10 years younger.

Background, played with both teams on All-Madden and versus friends on All-Madden.  Green Bay is able to overload the with the blitz and spread & shred pretty effectively, although Forte and Peppers can be difference makers for the Bears.

Quick Hits

  • Game settings: allows you to turn on/off – auto speed burst & strafe.  Can restore old strategy pad settings.
  • Run game is smoother, holes are clearer.  Not sure if this is a product of new tackling system.
  • They worked to make the zone coverage better and it is, but not that much.
  • WR screens set up nicely with the receiver route and blockers getting out.
  • User picks are still so much fun, but it seems easier to jump routes…maybe not.
  • New kicking view that you can and probably will change back to the old style.
  • I can’t figure out KR, seems more difficult this year.
  • ARod’s mobility is great, can’t imagine what playing with Vick on the Eagles will be like.
  • Hit one with Crosby from 58 yards out, so the kicking is still generous.
  • There was no commentary for the game, which was a nice change of pace.
  • Not huge of the whole presentation elements, but it really looks clean and if you’re into it, you’ll probably like it.
  • Chicago’s stars: Matt Forte is ridiculous; broke long runs and ran with power.  Olsen carried the team in a game versus my friend, but he’s no longer on the squad.  Peppers of course, Urlacher and Briggs, but also Chris Harris.
  • Green Bay has a lot of good players and depth but their standouts: Jermichael – unstoppable, Jennings makes big plays all day inside and out, and Matthews was too much for OL to handle.

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