2011 NFL Preseason Stars – Thursday

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With only around two weeks to make their impression, rookies around the league need for find their niche and nail it.  Last night the NFL preseason kicked off with five games.  Among the hundreds of players that participated four rookies made significant impacts, three familiar names around here (who weren’t really talked about elsewhere) and one UDFA stud.

Stevan Ridley:  The Thunder portion of the Thunder & Lightning combo is a lot more popular today than he was yesterday.  I’ve said before that he should at least be the goal-line, not BGE and so many sites having Ellis in the Top 30 was madness.  Ridley is a banger who is much more talented than BGE.  One of the most interesting developments last night, was his catches not the TDs.  Being the starter at LSU for only one year it’s an area thant needs improvement and he’s getting the work since BB sees the talent (game recognize game).

Nevertheless, in New England, as has been the case for years, they will probably use four RBs a game, making the situation less than ideal for fantasy.  We’ll see where his ADP goes.  He was going late or not at all, which is now a clear bargain with the upside and TD potential.  Excited to see Lightning debut (Vereen).  Check out “Patriots Today” for video recap and discussion of Ridley and Taylor Price, who also played very well [3 mins].  Ridley is learning the Patriot Way, “I just went out there and played ball,”

Dwayne Harris: Went for 5-127-2 against the Broncos.  First mentioned him in Analyzing Rookie WRs where I said, “Could immediately play in the slot between Austin and Bryant. Witten isn’t getting any younger and Bennett has been a disappointment, perhaps leaving room over the middle for the savvy Harris. Seems like a nice sleeper since Roy Williams is pretty much out the door.”

Surprised he fell so far and showed why last night.  He has a real good real for the game (wouldn’t you after 101 catches as a senior, thus nice hands), has good speed, and the opportunity is there.  He definitely sounded like a Cowboys after the game, “Big-time players make big-time catches in big-time situations.”

Darryl Gamble:  Looked like an all-pro off the edge for the Chargers.  Before getting hurt recorded 6 tackles, two for a loss and one sack.  He also did well in coverage.  He’s an undrafted free agent from Georgia, and like Zombo last year on ESPN preseason, it looks like another solid player has been revealed out of nowhere.  He was the one surprise for me last night.  Chargers defense in general did a good job, but if he can play like that Chargers really could make that run.

Denarius Moore:  One of my “NFL Draft Sleepers” has been receiving praise from around the web for having an incredible training.  In the Rookie WR Analysis I wrote that he could be the best all around WR on the team now.  He is polished and can do it all.  He had 3 catches for 37 yards, including a 26 yarder on 3rd and long & excluding a 56 yard punt return that was called back.  Still not convinced? His highlights show you many things…

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