Fantasy Football: Impact Free Agents and Trades

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Examining what moves were made in free agency that will impact the NFL & Fantasy Football.  If you have a question about a player or anything, please feel free to leave a comment.


Matt Hasselbeck: Not much to like about him here, but it helps the prospects of Kenny Britt and Jared Cook Jr. to have a competent QB and leader in the huddle.

  • Don’t need to draft him, limited upside, division’s D improved from last year

Donovan McNabb: Vikings still need help on OL and now WRs are not as strong, but at least McNabb should free up AD more than Ponder would have.  Harvin in line for a ton of targets if he can stay healthy, while Berrian might be there only option on the outside with McNabb airing it out for him.

  • Don’t draft. WRs have been weakened, O-Line is poor, and other D’s in division are very good.

Running Back

DeAngelo Williams: Screws things up for the production of the Daily Show as well as encouraged Mike Goodson owners who enjoyed his play at the end of the year.  A muddled situation with carries going every where from 2 TE sets with a rookie QB or worse.

  • With a crowed backfield and injury history for the two top dogs, I’m ignoring both players like I did last year unless they fall far.

Willis McGahee: Should be short-yardage back and see a part-time role.  Showed some life in Balt, will steal TDs and touches from the disappointing Moreno.

  • More upside then many are willing to admit. Also, I like UDFA Mario Fannin, so keep an eye on him during camp and the season.

Wide Receiver

Sidney Rice: Rice is in a new situation with Seattle but with a familiar QB in TJackson.  He needs to be downgraded a bit, although I don’t doubt Jackson’s ability to lay on out for him, he moves outside but to an easier division.

  • He probably won’t bring you consistency, but if he can stay healthy … quite a few big games are in order.  Currently #22, but looking more down than up with heath and QB questions.

Chad OchoCinco: He’s no string chicken, but it is clear that he wants to win.  He’s not Randy Moss, but he still is a good route runner who will contribute. This moves Branch’s value down as well as Brandon Tate.

  • Have him #25 on my latest WR rankings, behind Boldin and other solid #1 options as well as Dez Bryant, a #2 with #1 upside.

Santonio Holmes: The Jets did the right thing in prioritizing the re-signing of Santonio Holmes.  Holmes has exceeded everyone’s expectations after graduating Ohio State.  He is a polished route runner with great hands and can eat your zone alive.  In his second season in NY, I expect Sanchez to have a much better feel for him and for Holmes to have a monster season.

  • Love em.  Top 15 fantasy WR. Year one number will improve as he will play in 5 more games and have chemistry with the QB.

Roy Williams: Like this move.  Showed he was a little something left with Dez went down and gets to reunite with Martz so there is familiarity with the system.  Knox is seen as a potential breakout player going into his 3rd season, but Williams should be their #1 option in the redzone and Knox deep, Bennett underneath. Kellen Davis is a TE prospect I liked coming in who has a huge body, should be new TE.

  • Their WR2 who brings you some value against the Lions and Minnesota, could fill out your WRs.

Mike Sims-Walker: Opportunity to become the #1 WR in StL, where that designation isn’t as meaningful in other places because Sam Bradford loves to spread the love.  At this point though, he is the best outside WR so he could score some TD while Amendola figures to get close to 100 catches.

  • Has a chance to be special if he can find chemistry with Bradford.

Plaxico Burress: Jets got their WR, choosing Plax over Braylon, Moss, Floyd, and others.  I don’t expect him to be back to speed right away and it should take a little bit.  Cotchery should be seen as the #2 from the slot and Keller will have more targets than him.

  • Bottom line: It should take Plax a while, like Vick, to get his legs back and in football shape.  I think he’ll be a disappointment for the first half of the season but has the potential to put things together for a late season push, a lot of value/ceiling will depend on Cotchery’s status, who could be traded. Flier only, don’t heavily invest.

Tight End

Todd Heap: Showed at the end of last season with monster game versus KC that if healthy he can contribute at a top level.  Kevin Kolb loves to feed the TE, so if Heap is able he will be in line for lots of production.

  • With such a deep TE, might only be matchup fodder as I typically don’t recommend drafting two tight ends.

Greg Olsen: Becomes the #1 TE in Carolina and his best days may be ahead of him.

  • Could be the #1 WR if Smith goes.

Eagles D: With the additions of Nnamdi, Cullen Jenkins, Babin, and DRC the Eagles D/ST has the highest ceiling of all Ds (play NFC West).

  • #1 in my book with Steelers and Packers trailing slightly, but I usually don’t invest in D and like to play the matchups

Opened Opps
Jaguars WR: Mike Thomas and Jason Hill the stage is yours.  Thomas has great quickness and hands, he could amass a ton of receptions.  Meanwhile, Hill has shown ability a few times in very limited time for San Francisco.  Intriguing story, gotta love Mercedes still.

49ers WR: Crabtree is out 4-5 weeks with a foot injury.  This would be a great situation for Braylon Edwards or if Josh Morgan wanted to seize the opportunity.

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