Madden 12 Player Ratings Analysis: AFC East

August 1, 2011 at 12:12 pm 3 comments and EA Sports have partnered to release the official Madden 12 Player Ratings.  Each day they will release two teams ratings and discuss them on the ESPN website.  They haven’t updated the rosters to reflect the most recent moves, but you’ll be able to download the new version online when the game comes out.  Click on the team name to all of the player’s ratings. Also, check out the AFC West ratings and other Madden content on the site.

Buffalo Bills (73 OVR)


  • EA loves C.J. Spiller and he will be a run back to play with in the game.  He is given 95 speed and 97 acceleration.
  • Fitzpatrick comes in with a 81 OVR with 75 speed, 80 TP-84 TA.
  • Stevie Johnson got a 86 rating, but has 92 acc, 90 spectacular catch and 87 in elusiveness.  Evan retains his burners with a 96 speed and slot WR David Nelson is under rated.
  • Eric Wood (82 OVR) leads a poor OL which has been neglected for too long.


  • After a dominant 2010, Kyle Williams comes in with a 93 OVR, 92 AWR, and 95 tackling. He should pair quite well with Dareus who got the second highest rating for rookies, highlighted by a 92 strength and 94 block shedding.
  • Posluszny, who signed with the Jaguars, is a solid 87 with great play recognition (95) and tackling (93).  Rookie Kelvim Sheppard got a 67 with good ratings in pursuit and hitting power.  Former first round pick Aaron Maybin is a 58.
  • The secondary boasts nothing spectacular with Bryd taking a step back last year, 84 this year. Meanwhile Donte Whitner who was a tackling machine last year is a 85 but is rumored to be close to signing with the Bengals.  The corners McGee (83 ovr, 85 man, 71 zone) and McKelvin (80, 74, 73).  As I said when the Top 10 rookie rating were released, I’m disappointed Williams is only a 71, although he was given good acceleration, agility, jumping, and press cover skills.

Miami Dolphins (78 OVR)


  • Henne was given a 77 OVR with 94 THP but 75 THA.
  • Brandon Marshall is a big-time WR and is rated accordingly.  92 OVR, 96 catch, 97 catch-in-traffic, and 92 jump.  Solt machine Davone Bess is lauded for his great acceleration (96), agility (95), catching (95), and route-running (97). Gates comes in at a 59 with 94 speed.
  • Ronnie (84) & Ricky (80).  Rookie Thomas get a 70 with an excellent stiff arm (93) and spin move (92), with only a 74 carry. Lex Hilliard got a 60.


  • This defense is LOADED in reality and respected in Madden.  At least better than many people know.
  • It all starts up front: Langford-88, Starks-86, Soliai-86, and Odrick who was a 1st rd pick but hurt for 2010 a 78.
  • Playmakers at LB: Dansby, a favorite of mine, gets a 90 with great tackling and awareness.  Wake an incredible 94 acceleration and 98 finesse move is a 89 overall.  And they just added Burnett who is sure to be up there.  Misi is a 77.
  • Vontae Davis is a young stud is rated 87 ovr, 93 spd, 97 acc, and 95 jumping. Bell brings the wood with 90 hit power and 90 man cov.  The one hole on the D is FS which can be a killer in Madded, they had Clemons who is a 76 but 92 acc and 95.

Link to ESPN/EA article




  • Santonio one fo the top 8 WRs in the league only gets an 87, even though he has 95 speed…his route running (88) and catching (87) are way too low.  BS that Braylon is only 2 points lower than him and that Edwards has a 98 in jumping to go with a 97 spectacular catch (higher than Holmes), which isn’t realistic.
  • LT is 4 points higher than Greene who got a 87 in carrying but a 94 trucking and 93 stiff arm.
  • Sanchez, 88 TP and 83 TA.


  • Revis is a 99, with perfect man coverage.  His partner Cromartie has 96 speed and 97 acceleration, while second year corner Kyle Wilson gets a 74 overall, 84 in man, 93 acc, and 95 agility.
  • Jets looking forward to getting Calvin Pace back.  Sure NYJ fans won’t be happy that their OLB are 84 and 80, and that 1st round pick Wilkerson was given a low rating of 70 [wow]. Gonna hurt their Madden team if Ellis doesn’t agree to the vet min contract offer as he’s a 90.
  • The Mad Backer, Bart Scott, is only rated a 92 but has the rating that matter with 97 block shedding, 95 pursuit, and 93 play recognition.  Harris is rated a 90, his greatest assets are play recognition and hitting power.



  • Brady is a 99.  If he’s a 99, Peyton Manning should be.  Mallet got a 98 in throwing power, which is well worth it with his cannon.
  • Gronkowski scored a 84 and Hernandez 82.  Hernandez should be rated higher, especially because he can line up on the outside, will be interesting to see his rating on the WR depth chart, surely again under rated.
  • Woodhead is overrated: 94 speed, 96 acceleration, and 96 agility, especially when compared to Cal speedster and rookie RB Shane Vereen: 90-85-89.
  • Welker is a 90 and with Ocho that will be a nice duo.  Brandon Tate, who I liked to breakout before Ocho’s acquisition is given great speed (which he has) 94 speed & 95 acceleration.


  • The combination of Haynesworth and Wilfork (96) is sure to case OLs all sorts of problems.  Still waiting to see if they add an OLB.
  • Mayo is a tackling machine and rated well, while Spikes didn’t break 80.
  • McCourtey shined last year and is given some top ratings.  94 in man cov, 93 speed, 94 acceleration, Bodden who comes back from injury, a consistently under rated Madden player, is a 90.  Merriweather gets a readjustment after he was about a 90 last year.

EA Article

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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Dick Byrum  |  August 11, 2011 at 5:12 pm

    compare Manning and brady’s numbers over the past four seasons, even with brady missing a year he has more impressive stats. No brainer that Brady is a 99 and Manning isn’t.

  • 2. Joe  |  August 13, 2011 at 7:25 am

    Compared to last year the game-play is much better but it sacrifices franchise options. The online options are much better so if you play online and enjoy better game-play you will like this game but if you only do franchise then you will be upset. Also create a player is terrible but madden moments are pretty cool. Definitely a switch from last year where you needed a…

    • 3. NFL Football Now  |  August 15, 2011 at 5:44 pm

      That’s sad to hear because I know lots of us love to build those dynasties.


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