Where 2011 NFL Free Agents Could Sign – Offense

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Free Agency is going to happen.  When, Who, and How are still to be determined.  Nevertheless, I thought it would be interesting to predict which players will change teams and who will be re-signed.  Hope you enjoy and feel free to discuss in comments.

DeAngelo Williams to the Denver Broncos

The best back on the open market but comes with an injury history.  Possesses good speed and vision, cutback runner. Reuniting with Fox in Denver would give them a solid two back combination with Moreno, who hasn’t proved that he can stay healthy or has elite upside.

Ronnie Brown stays with Miami Dolphins

  • Brown has already said that he would be interested re-signing with the Dolphins to serve in a mentor role for rookie Daniel Thomas.  The interest should be mutual if the price is right. Although the Wildcat formation has taken a backseat and Thomas is capable of running it, Miami would be prudent to keep Ronnie.

Brandon Jackson to the Minnesota Vikings

  • Likely to release Chester Taylor, Jackson fits the bill as a 3rd down back who can block and catch the ball.  Also, GB to Minn free agency connection.

Darren Sproles to the St. Louis Rams

Joseph Addai stays with the Indianapolis Colts

  • Before he got to where we are with the NFL Lockout, I thought the Colts would draft a RB and move on from Addai who has certainly slowed.  But the later it has gotten, the harder it is for me to believe Peyton will let the Colts rely on Carter and Brown in the passing game as Addai has value blocking and receiving.

Ricky Williams to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ricky return to the NFL has gone better than many expected and he should find a new home for the next couple of years.  I think the Bucs would be a good fit because they could use a veteran presence in that backfield to go with Blount and Ricky would be an upgrade over Cadilliac.

Randy Moss to the New York Jets

  • I think that Rex and the Jets would love to use the former Patriot against Belichick.  Signing him would mean letting Braylon Edward go, who isn’t the model of consistency but improved his catch rate in 2010.  Ideally Moss would be able to stretch the field, opening the underneath up for Keller and Holmes.

Malcom Floyd to the Chicago Bears:

  • The Bears surely need a WR and they lack the size Floyd possesses. Floyd has made a name for himself by making big plays down the field.  He would give them a valuable target in the redzone and the piece they are missing.

James Jones to the Houston Texans

James could the complimentary WR that the Texans need to free Andre.  Jacoby Jones is a free agent, he has been a special teams standout but an offensive disappointment. Walter is inconsistent.  Jones at the least could step right in a produce as the #3 but more than likely would become a nice #3 option behind Andre and Owen Daniels.

Sidney Rice stays with the Minnesota Vikings

  • Great young talent who is explosive and a vertical threat. Missed half the season due to injury but returned to form at the end of the season.  Harvin has great upside as well and they should keep the two together or Peterson will get swallowed.

Santonio Holmes stays with the Jets

  • Despite making one of the best catches in NFL history, Holmes seems to be underrated by some fans.  There is no question he is a top 10 receiver.  Still has the jets, excellent route runner, and more than clutch.  I expect Holmes’ number to jump in his second season with Sanchez.

Terrell Owens to the Oakland Raiders?

  • I like the receivers they have as Denarius Moore was one of my sleepers, while Louis Murphy has impressed and Jacoby Ford made a ton of plays last season.  Owens played for the Bills and Bengals, where else can he go? Oakland has been waiting for Schilenz to get healthy for years, I think the new administration wold be wise to replace him with TO.

Zach Miller stays with Oakland

  • Zach Miller has the lone bright spot on offense for years and should have a good opportunity to be productive this season.  It will be his second year with Campbell and Hue Jackman, while the running game and other receivers has certainly improved.  With little depth at the position, Al won’t let Miller leave even in a weak TE market (Boss 2nd best).

Carl Nicks stay with the New Orleans Saints

Nicks has become one of the premier offensive linemen in the league over the last few seasons.  Him, Goodwin, and Evans make the interior of the Saints OL the league’s best.  That triumvirate to go along with Mark Ingram’s power inside running should breed much success for the Saints plans to “re-balance” their offense.  He is a load at 6-5 and over 340, yet only 26 years old.

Jared Gaither to the Detroit Lions

  • It feels like he has been available ever since the Ravens selected
    “blindside”. Injury problems, including ongoing back pain now have hurt his value. The selection of Jah Reid this year really makes me think its his time to go.  Lions have a need but would be taking a huge chance, hard to predict where he’ll go.

Davin Joseph stays with Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Tampa Bay used way to many different offensive line combinations in 2010.  It is certainly one of their weak spots.  Joseph, although recovering from an injury now, has been one of the best guards in the NFL when healthy.  Although it might be a tall order, the Bucs must re-sign him.

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