Free Agent Fits

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Darren Sproles to StL: The Rams have made it apparent that they are searching for someone to compliment Steven Jackson and Sproles would be the perfect answer. He is a premier 3rd down back who also stars on special teams (kickoff and punt return). His receiving ability and speed would be welcome additions to the offense.

Nnamdi Asomugha to Philly: The Eagles have the cap-room and the need as cornerback opposite Asante Samuel.  The question is whether they would commit that much money to that position, I say YES in this new NFL.  Asomugha is a big corner and would be a perfect compliment to Samuel, it would improve the defense tremendously.

Kyle Orton to Arizona: Not a free agent, but likely to be traded.  Orton would be a much better QB for AZ to acquire than Kevin Kolb.  First, he comes cheaper. Second, he is a veteran. Third, you don’t have to stop developing Skelton. And last but not least, he will make Larry happy.  There are only a few QBs in the world who can play the position competently and he is one of them.

Matt Hasselbeck to Minnesota: Donovan McNabb would make sense also, but Hasslbeck would be a nice tutor for Ponder. He could teach him more about the West Coast offense and game management.  The decision is the Vikings’, who could start Ponder from the beginning since he might be the most ready of all rookies.

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