NFL Draft: First Round Analysis

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My instant reaction to picks made in the First Round of the 2011 NFL Draft. I will post an article on Friday morning/afternoon analyzing all picks made Thursday….After teams manuevered around to get the talent and QBs they wanted in the top 14 picks, much of the First Round become need based.  Nevertheless, many teams made strong statements.

New Combinations were Formed

  1. Roddy White and Julio Jones
  2. Patrick Peterson and D. Rodgers-Cromartie
  3. N. Suh and Nick Fairley
  4. Cameron Jordan/S. Ellis and Mark Ingram/Pierre Thomas
  5. Dwayne Bowe and Jonathan Baldwin
  6. Kyle Williams and Marcel Dareus
Other Notable Picks:
-NFL record 12 DL taken in the First Round. As predicted here many times, there was a run on OL & DL at the end of the 1st round and a bunch of trades.
-Saints drafted two of players in my top 15 in the 20s. Ingram is a great inside runner and should find great success behind those all-pro guards. Jordan is versatile and with Ellis, they should continue to switch between 3-4 and 4-3 looks during games.
-Atlanta made the boldest move of the night moving up 21 spots to the #6 position to draft Julio Jones.  I’ve said they need more explosive plays in the offense, especially if Gonzalez and Turner continue to decline.
-This was an incredibly “need-based” draft, the Eagles got their RG, Ravens tall CB, Chiefs their WR opposite of Bowe and so on…
-Patriots got great value and so did Cleveland.
-Cleveland was smart to accept Atlanta’s offer.  They picked well last year and have a chance to increase the talent across the roster
-To open day two you can bet the Patriots will trade out of their pick, probably for a team that needs a QB (maybe Cincinnati)
-Thought Tennessee might go Quarterback, mocking them Gabbert for a while, but I think Gabbert will prove to be a worthy pick.  Meanwhile, the Vikings reached a bit for Ponder selecting him 12th. Was also right about the Jaguars selecting a QB in the first.
-Biggest reaches of the night, Aldon Smith, Ponder, and Carpenter.
-Quinn and Fairley were great picks.
11PM (sorry, they’re in reverse order)
  • Derek Sherrod, a true LT, technician & a guy I have loved is drafted by the #GreenBayPackers to end the First Round. Nothing like SEC exp
  • Typical #PittsburghSteelers to quietly pick one of the toughest, most solid players in the #NFLDraft Cameron Heyward, son of Ironhead.
  • #NewOrleansSaints add the best back in the draft and former Heisman award-winner Mark Ingram…WOW
  • #BaltimoreRavens get the tall corner they need by picking Jimmy Smith. They also reduced their risk by at least 1% by passing on pick.
10 PM
  • Continuing the theme of a need-based #NFLDraft the#KansasCityChiefs select Jonathan Baldwin to start opposite of Dwayne Bowe.
  • #Saints get good value and versatility by drafting Cameron Jordan who should pair nicely with Sedrick Ellis. #NFLDraft
  • #Eagles get their RG, Danny Watkins, and provide Michael Vick with some much needed health insurance. #NFLDraft
  • #TampaBay continues to draft quality #NFL ready players, nabbing one of my favorite college players from the last few years, Adrian Clayborn
  • #Giants draft a Prince in an effort to stop the kings Maclin and Jackson. #Eagles #NFLDraft
  • Leave OT to the #Redskins to take one of my favorite players and convert him to OLB (Kerrigan)..#NFLDraft
9 PM
  • #NFLDraft Headline: Combos-Roddy & Julio, Peterson & DRC, Suh & Fairley. WOW
  • Great pick, #Rams front 7 is fierce….and they just drafted Quinn.#NFLDraft
  • OMG …#DetroitLions steal Fairley. They are definitely the sleeper team of 2011 #NFLDraft
  • #Vikings select Ponder and while I’ve written all good things about him this pick reminds me of Brandon Graham last year. #NFLDraft
  • It’s CRAZY that Nick Fairley is still available. He’s the next @qbkilla
  • Wade Phillips gets a much needed building block for the #Texansnew 3-4 defense, JJ Watt. #NFLDraft
  • Suh and Fairley in Detroit would be the next Williams Wall.
  • #Jacksonville goes QB as expected, but selecting Gabbert…doing the unconventional at 10, again. #NFLDraft
  • Unfortunately for #Eagles fans the #Cowboys did the right thing by dressing their need on the offensive line with Tyron Smith.
  • LOVE Locker. Been on the bandwagon since freshman year. Suffered because of surrounding talent but a gamer! #Titans
  • #SanFran picks Smith, freak athlete with room for development. I would’ve picked Quinn…better edge rusher.#NFLDraft
  • Julio Jones might have become the top #FantasyFootball rookie and there have only been 6 picks. LOL, but seriously.
  • There’s a lot of guessing in the #NFLDraft. There’s no guessing with Julio Jones and Patrick Peterson, they are STUDS.
  • Can’t believe the #Falcons are close to pulling off this trade for Julio Jones….even though I’ve said for months they need more big plays.
  • Great pick for the #Cardinals getting Peterson at 5. Pairing him with DRC will improve viability of D. Can learn under Wilson also. #NFL
  • A.J. Green to the #Bengals. Is the Ochocinco era over? I can see Ocho in #NYC with Rex and the #Jets. At least it will be entertaining.
  • The #Panthers are a lot better than the typical team picking first, of they develop Cam Newton it could be a great fit with that run game.

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