Senior Bowl Analysis & Recap

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The South won the Senior Bowl 24-10 behind an efficient offense and stout defense.  The South offense started the game by throwing a duck in the air and South offensive MVP Hankerson came back to the ball and made the catch for nearly 50 yards.  The South’s rbs ran the ball hard and with success, meanwhile the South defense held the North to a net of zero rushing yards.

Here are guys who helped their stock this week:

  • B. Powell: ran very effectively on Saturday and had a surprising season for a poor Louisville squad. Hard runner who displays good footwork.
  • Hankerson: all-time leader at the U in receptions was my game MVP.  He used his size on the first play of the game to set the tone and scored an easy untouched TD.  Question for him is press coverage, which he didn’t face Saturday.
  • Burney: made a ton of plays in the 1H, one reason why it was 17-0 not 35-0.  Struggle a little downfield but very good dealing with things in front of him.
  • Ballard: not the Iowa DL I was looking forward to seeing but stood out all week.
  • Kerrigan: simply a beast, will be a very solid 4-3 end.
  • Ponder: decent game for him but not convinced when pressured or in tight game that we will make right decision and not turn ball over.  Don’t get fooled by MVP.
  • Rodney Hudson: super solid stud at RG on Saturday.
  • Sherrod: quiet technician at LT, liken him to Baker.
  • Acho: Scouts on him about his weight, but this guy was a force off the edge in college and did the same on Saturday.  Ignore the numbers and look at his production.
  • Von Miller: BEST player on the field.  All over the field.
  • Watkins:  Did well all week and ended it by quieting Cam Jordan who had gotten a lot of praise.
  • Kerley: a little short but every time I watched TCU he made plays either as a WR or returner.  Your team could do a lot worse than selecting him in the middle of the draft.
  • Mason Foster: played fast all week long and didn’t have any weak moments.
  • Greg Jones: As expected, Greg Jones played very well during the Senior Bowl.  He has drawn criticizm all week for not being as fast or big as people would like but as I’ve said before: The guy can flat out play, he will be a valuable pick for some team late round 2 – early 3.

Hurt Their Stock This Week

  • DeMarcus Love: showed that he cannot play in space, definite move to guard.
  • Paea, getting hurt never helps but especially with Phil Taylor killing it and many other top DLs choices this year
  • Beal: disappointed from the start at the weigh-in and jumping offsides twice certainly didn’t help.

From Earlier in the Week:

  • Cam Jordan: Explosive off the line with a variety of pass rushing moves especially strong with counter moves.  Player who I knew the least about coming in that I’m most exited about coming out.
  • Colin Kaepernick: I’ve been following him since his freshman year at Nevada as from the first time I saw play, I fell for him.  His 6’6 frame combined with a strong arm and great mobility has impressed scouts around the country.  This week he showed the doubters that he will be a QB at the next level.  Give him 2-3 years and he is a solid starter with a remarkable skill set.
  • Kendall Hunter: One of the players I listed in my preview under I Want To See as I’ve been high on Hunter for the last couple years.  While not as big as a Rice or MJD, he is still compact and a full compliment of skills.  He can run inside and out, has good hands coming out of the backfield, and most importantly for teams that want to play him extensively year one, he is a solid pass protector.  Injuries slowed him down and might hold him back but if he goes to round 3, he’ll be a steal.
  • Titus Young: The Boise State speedster has been generating a lot of buzz this week.  While comparisons to DeSean Jackson might be reaching there is little doubt he will emerge as one of the top five receivers taken in the NFL Draft.  Austin Pettis also has had a solid week and I think he’ll be a decent third day pick especially considering his value on Special Teams.
  • Danny Watkins: 26 year old former hockey player has a mean streak. Still relatively new to football with room for development.  Would love for my team to draft him in the second round as a guard.  Age is a good thing here as you could sign him till after he’s thirty.
  • Mofitt (G/C): Played both center and guard at Wisconsin.  As opposed to most guards who can play center, Mofitt started at center for more than a year in the Big Ten.
  • Vincent Brown: Has been a star this week in Mobile, AL.  Hadn’t see him prior to the bowl game but he was great and continues to impress. Been showing great hands and fluidity.

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