Super Bowl XLV Preview: Comparing Green Bay and Pittsburgh

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American Sports’ ultimate event is less than two weeks away and it will feature the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers.  It’s a beautiful thing that the NFL’s two best teams will meet in the Super Bowl, I just wish it was next week.  There will be a lot written and said about this matchup but here are some cold hard facts to digest on a Monday morning that should show you how statistically similar these two teams are in many respects.

In games Rodgers started Green Bay averaged 364.5 yards and 25.4 points per game.
In games Big Ben started Pittsburgh averaged 370.6 yards and 24.08 points per game.

Green Bay was 2nd in points against at 15.0
Pittsburgh was 1st in points against at 14.5

Green Bay threw for 8.1 yards per pass
Pittsburgh threw for 8.1 yards per pass

Green Bay ran for 3.8 yards per rush (although it would likely be better with Starks all year).
Pittsburgh ran for 4.1 yards per rush

Green Bay gave up 6.5 yards per pass
Pittsburgh gave up 6.3 yards per pass

Green Bay had the best opp QB rating in the league at 67.4
Pittsburgh had the 2nd best opp QB rating in the league at 73.1

Green Bay gave up 4.7 yards per rush (but it is much better with Jenkins in the lineup)
Pittsburgh gave up 3.0 yards per rush.

Green Bay was 9th in 3rd down D at 36.2%
Pittsburgh was 3rd in 3rd down D at 33.5%

Green Bay was 8th in 3rd down O at 41.5%
Pittsburgh was 6th in 3rd down O at 43.1%

Green Bay was 2nd in the NFL with 47 sacks.
Pittsburgh was 1st in the NFL with 48 sacks.

Green Bay was 20th allowing 38 sacks.
Pittsburgh was 25th allowing 45 sacks.

Green Bay averaged 5.7 yards per play
Pittsburgh averaged 5.4 yards per play

Green Bay was 4th in points per play.
Pittsburgh was 7th in points per play.

Green Bay was 4th in red zone offense.
Pittsburgh was 21st in red zone offense.

Green Bay gave up 5.1 yards per play.
Pittsburgh gave up 4.4 yards per play.

Green Bay was 2nd in opp points per play.
Pittsburgh was 1st in opp points per play.

Green Bay was 11th in red zone defense.
Pittsburgh was 4th in red zone defense.

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