Week One Recap: Right on the Money

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MNF Recap

What an excellent way to end a profitable first week of the season.  ATS picks went 7-1 after a MNF sweep.  Things played out almost exactly how I thought they would.

The Jets and Ravens game was about as tight as it gets.  Santonio sure would’ve been useful to the Jets last night and of course on the biggest play of the game Ngata runs over the LG to get the sack.

The Chiefs displayed that they can run the rock on the primetime stage totaling 135 yards rushing.  The Chargers surely missed Vincent Jackson which was never more evident then on the last play of the game when the Chiefs TRIPLE covered Antonio Gates and Malcolm Floyd fell down in the endzone.

Some things we learned this week

  • Jets should be really happy Revis is back because if he wasn’t I doubt the game was that close considering how much they were targeting Cromarte and Wilson.
  • Cincy’s pass rush is more of an issue than New England’s.  49ers were probably more surprising than Cincy given the 31 straight that were put on the preseason favorites.
  • Dominque Rodgers-Cromarte and Marcus Trufant might be the two most underrated top corners.
  • Washington needs Vincent Jackson if they want to be a legit contender and not just a playoff contender.
  • Pete Carroll and Donovan McNabb are turning around teams even though they are just one person.
  • Tampa Bay impressed me by coming back with Josh Freeman at the helm but they still have issues running the ball and generating a pass rush.
  • Pittsburgh’s D is back.  BUT Flozell played terrible and Max Starks is injured, Tackle is a major issue–  run Dixon run!
  • The Houston Texans OL and V. Leach can provide for some major running room for fantasy football darling Arian Foster who fits the scheme and the Texans major need from the past few years.  So many times they have had to settle for FGs or fumbled in the redzone, with Foster they may finally get over the hump and did on a 3rd and Goal late in the third quarter.
  • Eagles are paper-thin.  Bradley is way more important to the team than Kolb.  Vick gives them the best chance to win this year but that’s not what the organization is about or how it is run.  They run their team like a business and Kolb is the future. No controversy.
  • Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco were both unimpressive in their debuts.  Got to watch more of Flacco who looked tentative and definitely held on to the ball too long.  Although new WR Anquan Boldin did break the 100 yard mark.
  • RT Marc Columbo is a very important part for the 2010 Cowboys.  They were forced to play a lot two TE sets and had to keep Jason Witten in to block often.  Dez Bryant is gonna be a stud in this league and Miles Austin continues to dominate CBs.

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