The Day After: Discipline Pays

September 10, 2010 at 8:47 am Leave a comment

Discipline Paid Off.  The defending champs, New Orleans Saints, after throwing 90% of the time in the first half, countered in the second half by running Pierre Thomas between the tackles on power and lead plays.  The balanced attack put them back on top in second half and allowed them to kill the clock in the fourth.  The Saints possessed the ball and became the eleventh straight champ to win its next season’s opener.  The Saints’ balanced attack was a key to becoming a dominant offense.  The team turned the corner last year against the Dolphins when they feel far behind early.  They did not panic and try to pass their way back in the game but instead continued to pound the rock and with a balanced attack eventually came back to win.

Amazing how good the guys in Vegas are. I said as I closed the last post that the line was probably too tight and it was. It is tougher to win when you bet every chance you get.  Instead of throwing 100 small punches, you should gear up and throw one haymaker.  Wait for that live dog, and you ride em to victory.  OR conversely, like last night if an opportunity presents itself at the half, when NO was only a 3 pt favorite and only needed to win the game by one.

Many of the points in my analysis were proven true but still was way off with the score. As good as I have been picking teams, over/under is not my forte.  Still if Meachem and Hartley play better they put up at least 20 and more like 27.  Brees was on point all night, dropping balls over the defensive backs and hitting his receivers in stride.  Their defense of the title has successfully begun.

Other notes:

–Pierre is my boy and after signing his contract should finally get the stats and respect he deserves. Was it the Saints plan to make the Vikings think they’d throw in the second half?
–AD looks primed for a monster season, but said after the game that he needs to be feed.
–Berrian is still a bum and if it wasn’t for his speed, Carmillo would have started
-VS, as I mentioned in my fantasy post below, should pick up the slack for Sidney and increase that high TD total of 11 to perhaps 15
–Bushrod did a good job on Allen, he had help most of the night but as Collinsworth pointed out>out of the endzone he was one and one & did a great job
–Saints ran 19 out of 20 plays as passes in first half.
–Loved players sign of solidarity before the game…they don’t get many opportunities to send a message whereas I’m sure a handful of owners own a bunch of media outlets.
Excited as well for sunday’s menu and might have a play for Saturday even though I never bet college, the lines aren’t as tight as NFL this week.

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