NFL: Division Predictions

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NFC East
Cowboys 10-6
Giants 10-6
Redskins 9-7
Eagles 9-7
  • Lots of love for the Cowboys this preseason but unlike the past few seasons it is actually warranted.  They’re loaded with talent but have two huge weak spots that could slow them down this year: Safety and Offensive Line.  I predict the Cowboys to encounter their stuggles but in the end are probably co-favorites with NO in my eyes to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.
  • The Giants have become a forgotten team.  After Phillips went down their defense became completely pathetic.  Every game was a guarantee they’d get beat deep.  Now they have Rolle to go with Phillips, but what they don’t have is great linebackers.  I think the Giants can get the D going and as I noted in FFB article this O should transition into a passing O.  They should compete for a wildcard.
  • Redskins need a WR.  They should trade whatever SD wants for VJax
  • Gonna be a season filled with growing pains in Philly.  The defense has looked much better than expected.  Gonna be a quick turnaround for the Eagles.
NFC North
Packers 11-5
Vikings 9-7
Bears 9-7
Lions 6-10
  • The Packers should be favorites to win the North this season since the Vikings are a year older and without Sidney Rice for half the season.  I am not as bullish on the Packers as most experts since their D will be a weakspot, gave up 51 in playoffs.  The secondary will have weaknesses on the left side and rookie safety Morgan Burnett has good range but lacks experience.
  • Favre is find a way to make this team competitive. While AD had a somewhat like load last year, I expect him to get the ball plenty and thrive.
  • The Bears get Julius Peppers and Urlacher back but a poor offensive line and a QB who is lacking in confidence will cost them their chance at the playoffs.
  • Meanwhile, the Lions have done a great job at adding talent especially noteworthy are 1st round picks Jahvid Best and SUH ! Still, their secondary is weak and while Suh should open up Vanden Bosch it will not make enough of a difference.
NFC South
Saints 11-5
Falcons 10-6
Panthers 7-9
Bucs 5-11
  • Two dat….Two dat…While it is not the most improbable event, it takes a special season and lots of luck to win the Super Bowl, let alone twice.  Nevertheless, Saints have not lost a lot of players like most winners because of the not so free agency period.  Like them to be one of the league’s best again.
  • Falcons should compete for the playoffs and probably make it.  Without Turner and Ryan for portions of last year they still had a winning record.  D is getting better, Bierman, and younger, Wietherspoon.
  • I like Matt Moore. He likes Steve Smith.  Everyone is gonna love passing against this team since their pass rush will be weakened by loss of Peppers despite preseason sack totals.
  • Have Bucs winning 4 but it could be more from a team who won 3 including one over the Saints.  Have three really good DTs including first two draft choices this year.

NFC West
49ers 9-7
Cardinals 7-9
Seahawks 6-10
Rams 5-11
  • Best in west or better than rest? SF beat AZ twice last year and should dominate division.  Crabtree and Goldson could take steps towards elite level this year.
  • AZ lost lots on D and is going with DA.  While many like Beanie to have a monster season, I was never sold on this guy and think he goes down again.
  • Seahawks have cleaned house all off-season, cya in contention next year?
  • Rams got their guy, now they need about 10 others.


AFC East
Jets 11-5
Miami 10-6
Patriots 9-7
Bills 2-14
  • Jets talk the talk, and walk the walk…in a very close race.
  • Miami squeaks into the playoffs due to a balanced attack and the resurgence of Ricky Williams. Amazing how he is getting stronger or at least maintaining his level of performance while most RBs that hit 30 these days are done.  FYI, Shaun Alexander former NFL MVP just turned 32 last week.
  • Patriots lack of a pass rush and inexperience in the secondary may doom them this year but will certainly be ready next year or whenever there is football.  The RB situation was not addressed. Lastly, the Bills are playing for Jake Locker.  CJ Spiller is the truth, but will not be utilized to his full potential.
AFC North
Baltimore 12-4
Pittsburgh 10-6
Cincinnati 9-7
Cleveland 5-11

AFC South
Colts 12-4
Titans 10-6
Texans 9-7
Jaguars 6-10
  • Indy is Indy. Bob is back, Joe’s got one year left, added Jerry to spell the DEs…they’re ready.
  • The Titans have a young and little recognized defense, will be interesting to see how they come out of the gates this year.
  • For the Texans, can A. Foster finally be the answer to their redzone woes?
  • Oh Jags…if you were only in the NFC West…i like your team but it’s hard to prognosticate any forward traction.
AFC West
Chargers 9-7
Raiders 8-8
Chiefs 8-8
Broncos 6-10
  • Chargers should defend once again but this should be the year Oakland could push them. Chargers defense was somewhat poor last year and only their passing O supported them, without McNeil and Jackson their effectiveness should slip.
  • The Raiders finally have a QB and should finally give Michael Bush the cowbell.  They have added a great pass rush but still struggle versus the run.  OL still poor and WRs way below average.
  • Chiefs are a sexy sleeper pick but I still really don’t know about Cassell, he is just too indecisive.  Nevertheless, they have two very talented back in the backfield and made two moves along the OL to strengthen this facet of their attack which could make the passing game flow more smoothly.
  • I am not sure how people are predicting 9 wins for the Broncos, McDaniels must be idolized by those analysts.  I see a weak OL and D which lost the single most important player to any defense.  Coupled with two non-impact first rounders.

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